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Alleppey Houseboat rate for one day


Alleppey Houseboat rates for one day is based on certain factors like quality of houseboat, it is cruising, and service, availability, season and weekends. One can find different rates and offers online. Most of the content in the websites seen are more or less similar. Written the detail exaggeratedly to attract more customers. Reading those false details will give a customer with high exaptation.

Most of the people are searching for where they get the cheaper houseboat or with high offers. That result in disappointment and make negative thought in their mind about the Alleppey Backwater and Boathouse. Most of the negative reviews seen in different websites like TripAdvisor, Google reviews are due to this.

Also in some famous trip/tour booking, portal websites are not providing the detail of operations of a Houseboat. It is not mentioning the A/C timing in a Deluxe Houseboat. Several times, I found that some customers are giving negative reviews of their Boat House mentioning that the houseboat crew rejected to switch on the A/C at daytime. It is because of they are ignorant that the in Deluxe Houseboat, the A/C is operational from 9:00 PM to 06:00 AM. Even they are not aware that the Boathouse stop cruising for the first day by 5:30 Pm until next day 8:00 AM. This is all because of that those booking portal websites are not giving the right information to the customers.

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Another issue is most of the people thinks that a photo of the houseboat will give them the quality of Bedroom, Toilets etc. I am asking, do you think you really understand the quality by seeing the photos? All photos are taken while the Boathouse launched for the first time. What happens is when a customer trusts the photos and book the Houseboat, after reaching here, they find a lot of difference between photos and the real houseboat or it may be a different houseboat.  That makes the disappointment from the beginning. It will remain until the end of the tour. It makes the negative reviews.


Never go behind the cheap rates and offers, from wherever you book try to understand the operations of a Houseboat in Alleppey, do not exaggerate by seeing the photos. The houseboat is with limited facilities, do not compare it with hotels/resorts.

One Day rate for Alleppey Houseboat

The below rates are indicative. It may reduce or increase based on availability season and weekends.

Alleppey houseboat rates

Below rates are indicative. The exact rate varies based on the season, holidays, weekends and availability

Super Deluxe
1 bedroom
Starts from INR 6, 500.00
Starts from INR 8, 000.00
Starts from INR 11, 000.00
2 bedroom
Starts from INR 10, 000.00
Starts from INR 12, 000.00
Starts from INR 15, 000.00
3 bedroom
Starts from INR 14, 000.00
Starts from INR 18, 000.00
Starts from INR 22, 000.00
4 bedroom
Starts from INR 18, 000.00
Starts from INR 22, 000.00
Starts from INR 26, 000.00
5 bedroom
Starts from INR 22, 000.00
Starts from INR 26, 000.00
Starts from INR 30, 000.00
6 bedroom
Starts from INR 26, 000.00
Starts from INR 32, 000.00
Starts from INR 38, 000.00

Alleppey Houseboat Day Cruise Rates

The rates of day cruise based on the number of people, size of Houseboat and the service offered. Below are the approximate rates. For more details please contact us with the arrival date, number of people coming. Children of 5 years and above will consider as a person and per head rate will be applicable. Child below 5 years are complimentary and food sharing with parents.



  • Up to 2 People INR 6, 500.00
  • Up to 10 People: Houseboat rent INR 6, 000.00 and INR 500/head.
  • 11 to 25 People: Houseboat rent INR 6, 500.00 and INR 500/head.
  • 25 to 40 People: Houseboat rent INR 7, 000.00 and INR 500/head.
  • 41 to 55 People: Houseboat rent INR 8, 000.00 and INR 500/head.
  • 56 to 70 People: Houseboat rent INR 9, 000.00 and INR 500/head.
  • 71 and above: Houseboat rent INR 10, 500.00 and INR 500/head.

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    • To book houseboat, you have two option

      1. You can book the houseboat online from the link: Select your check-in and check-out date to check the availability and rates. You can confirm the booking by paying 25% of the total amount. Use your credit card/debit card/net banking to do the payment online.

      2. Please send your arrival date, so that we can send the rates and other bookings details to your email id.

      Beautiful Alleppey Houseboats

  1. Travellers:
    Adults : 6
    Child : 1
    Infants : 3

    Houseboat check-in on 5th Noon and checkout on 6th Morning.

    1. 3 rooms houseboat. Rooms and toilet should be neat and clean.
    3. In case of non-veg menu, food should be Halal.

    Please send me the quotation along with the actual houseboat and room pictures, so that I will discuss with my group members and get the booking finalized.

    Thank in advance.

    Haris Khan

  2. Dear Pranay Gupta

    The detailed email has been sent to your email. Thank you for contacting us.Assure you the best and value for money service and cruising experience.


  3. sir we a group of 9 adults and 4 kids planning for a trip in house boat.any option for trip on hour basis around 4 hours . if available give us ur lowest quotation

  4. Travellers:
    Adults : 9
    Child : 3 below 5 years

    Houseboat check-in on 17th january 2019

    please send us the package details which suits for 9 persons

    • Travellers:
      Adults : 5

      Houseboat check-in on 11th may 2019 and return on same day, we want to reach kochi by night, so we were planning 6 hour or so trip with lunch included

  5. Hi

    I got your reference from one of my cousin who used your service and they are very happy and satisfied. Can you provide the details and booking procedures? We are 14 people (all are above 45 years) and planned to reach there on 18/10/19. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

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