Four Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat with upper-deck

Four Bedroom Houseboat with upper-deck. Three Bedroom on the lower deck and one room on the upper deck. Suitable for 8 to 12 people. A/C will be available in the bedroom from 9 pm to 6 am.

Travel in an Alleppey Houseboat is a onetime experience for most of the people, We do not have big offers. Our offer is, give you the best in class quality service with good and well-behaved staff with a beautiful and enjoyable backwater experience.  Guaranteed Safety and Security.


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Up to 08 People without the extra person




boathouse diining4 bedroom boathousehouseboat-bedroomhouseboat dining
boathouse diining
4 bedroom boathouse
houseboat dining

Four Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat id: JAY04

Starting from  20,000.00
Offer Price  16,000.00


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