how to book houseboat alleppey

Alleppey Backwater is one of the must-visit destination in India. The backwater of Alleppey has a unique beauty. There are a lot of rivers and lakes in the different part of the world, but it cannot give the uniqueness of the beauty of the backwater of Alleppey, Kerala. It is not possible to explain through words. One must experience in real to understand and feel the beauty of Alleppey Backwaters.



how to book houseboatThe Houseboat tourism is starting in different other parts in Kerala and also some places outside Kerala due to the high demand and business opportunities of Houseboat in Alleppey and Kumarakom. But wherever it starts will not be able to come near the beauty and uniqueness of Alleppey Backwater.

The cruising in a Houseboat is the best way to explore the backwater by relaxing, witnessing the beauty of the mother nature. We can say it’s a kind of lazy trip.




A Houseboat is with limited facilities and not have the facilities of a hotel or resort. So please do not compare. Make your mind without big expectations, then all will enjoy the trip. All food in houseboat prepare on board, so the fresh food will be available on the houseboat. Try to taste some traditional Kerala food you will definitely love it. It may be you onetime experience, so taste the traditional food of ‘God’s Own Country’.



In some blog, it is stated that one can go directly to the houseboat point to book the houseboat, yes it is right. But it is not always practical. There are days people go back without getting the houseboats or pay more than double the rate to get the houseboat. Always the reputed houseboat will be pre-booked. Why are you taking a risk? If your tour plan is fixed, pre-book your houseboat like you book your flight/train/taxis and hotels and secure your trip. It will help you to enjoy tour trip.


One can book Beautiful Alleppey Houseboat online. At the same time, you can find 100’s of houseboat booking sites online. You can book from wherever you feel good. Normally the Houseboats are three types of Deluxe, Premium, and Luxury. Beautiful Alleppey Houseboat categorized our houseboats into three different types based on the quality of Houseboat, service, and cruising. It is Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and Premium. Super Deluxe is the quality in between Deluxe and Premium Houseboats. It is more spacious bedrooms and bigger beds than the normal Deluxe Houseboat.

With confidence, we can claim that we provide best in category Houseboat and cruising for our customers. When you travel in our Houseboats it is our responsibility to make your trip the most enjoyable and we do it with 100% truly and honestly.

You will definitely recommend Beautiful Alleppey Houseboats to your family or friends when they are planning a Kerala trip.

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