Alleppey Houseboat Day Cruise

Day Cruise is one of the good ways to explore and experience the backwater beauty. You can witness the beauty of the paddy fields, coconut lagoons it will be a mind-blowing and memorable experience. Do not miss if you get an opportunity to experience this.

The normal timing for day cruise is from 11 AM to 5 AM. Total 6 hours, in that the cruising time will be 5 hours. There is a 1 hours stop for the lunch break. If you are a big group of 10 Adults and above the day cruise in a houseboat is economical. But if you are a couple or a small group, there will not be much difference in the rate of day cruise and the overnight cruise, it will be almost same. Maybe the difference of Rs 1000 to 1500 difference. Considering the rate for food and a room in a hotel or resort, the day and night will better for a couple or a small group.

Rate for Day Cruise in Alleppey

Mostly for a group booking, the rate for a day cruise in Houseboat will calculate by per head. When the number of people increases the per head rate will decrease and for the lesser number of people the rate increase. The children above 5 years will be considered as adults for the day cruise and the same charges as adults are applicable to them.


‘Alleppey Round cruise is the better cruising route for the Houseboat day trip’


The food is preparing onboard and served in the houseboat dining area or upper deck if it is available for bigger groups. For Alleppey Day Cruise Booking the  Lunch and Evening, tea snacks are included in the rates.

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