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Alleppey Houseboat Details

Alleppey houseboats in Kerala, south India, are huge, slow-moving, exotic barges used for leisure trips. They are a reworked model of Kettuvallams (in the Malayalam language, Kettu means "tied with ropes", and vallam means "boat"), which, in earlier times, were used to carry rice and spices from Kuttanad to the Kochi port. Kerala houseboats were considered a convenient means of transportation.

The popularity of Kettuvallams has returned in the function as major tourist attractions.Such a houseboat is about 60 to 120 feet long and about 15 to 18 feet wide at the middle. The hull is made of wooden planks that are held together by ropes of coconut fiber; the usual wood is 'Anjili'. The roof is made of bamboo poles and palm leaves. The exterior of the boat is painted with protective coats of cashew nut oil.

Read the fact about Houseboat operation and understand the difference

We do not send any Photos of the Houseboat to the customers. We allot the Houseboat randomly depends upon the daily running turn. The houseboat will only allot on the day before the arrival. Also we do not take bookings showing the photos of some houseboat and provide another when you reach.

The rate also varies upon the Houseboat build. There is a minimum and maximum rate. It will not come below minimum and go above maximum.

We always need to be Honest to our customers and they must know all this when they spend their money. When we are sending the quotation for Houseboat we will send different rates. The customer can choose their option depends upon their budget.

The Quality of the Food, Cruise, Distance covered, Halting time can adjust depends upon how you Pay.

All standard/budget class houseboats are not directly maintaining by Beautiful Alleppey Tours.  We are not responsible for any complaints from standard/budget class houseboats.

A normal customer does not understand this difference. You can Bargain with others and reduce the rates, but when the rates come down proportionally the quality and service will also come down.

The photos can be stimulated in any ways. Even in our Gallery some of the photos are stimulated. You may see the Blue color water in some photos. But the water in the Backwater of Kerala is not blue, it is dark.  


  • Do not except a hotel like facilities in Houseboat.
  • Most of the Houseboat do not have direct running hot water for bath.
  • The Air Condition in the room will not cool suddenly like in home and hotels. It will take 30 minutes to 01 hour to be in full power.
  • The quality of the Houseboat is not determined by the entertainment systems like, TV, DVD Players or Music system. It is there with limited access only.
  • Presence of flies, small insects are the Natural Habitat in Backwater. It cannot be 100% eliminated. Their presence will be there in the lights at night.

Standard Category

  • AC from: 9:00PM to 6:00AM
  • Maximum 4 hours Crusing.

Deluxe Category

  • AC from: 9:00PM to 6:00AM
  • Bigger rooms and living area compared to Standard.
  • Maximum 5 hours Crusing.

Super Deluxe Category

  • AC from: 6:00PM to 6:00AM
  • Maximum 6 hours Crusing.

Premium Category

  • AC can use whenever require in Bedroom.
  • Check in time: 11:30AM.
  • AC from: Can use whenever required
  • Maximum 6 hours Crusing.

Luxury Houseboat

  • AC can use whenever required either in the Hall/Dining or in Bedroom.
  • Check in time: 11:30AM.
  • AC from: Can use whenever required
  • Maximum 6 hours Crusing.

Food Menu Details:

Welcome drinks:
Tender Coconut / Juice


Boiled Rice / White Rice, Sambar, Thoran, Pachadi, Curd, Pickle, Pappad, Salad.

For Veg: A dish of Gobi.
For Non Veg: Fish Fry (One per person).
Chicken curry or Kerala Fish Curry extra in Premium/Luxury Category.


Tea or Coffee and Banana Fry or Onion Pakoda.


Boiled Rice / White Rice, Chappathy, Dal Curry,Thoran, Pickle, Mixed Vegetable curry.

For Non Veg: Chicken Curry
Prawns fry extra in Luxury Category.

Breakfast (Any one of the below. Must be informed before the boat starts)

Tea /Coffee
Bread, Jam, Butter, Omlette.  OR
Iddly, Sambar. (By default) OR
Dosa, Sambar. OR
Poori Masala. OR
Idiyappam and Kadala Curry / Egg Roast. OR
Appam and Vegetable Curry / Egg Roast. OR
Puttu and Kadala Curry.

For drinking, Bottled packed drinking water is providing in the Houseboat.
The water for bating and washing is hard water and a bit salty sometimes.
Please understand the limitations.

NB: Vegetarian, Jain food are available on prior request.

Important notice:

It is only possible to cover most of the sightseeing places if you check in to the Houseboat at right time. The cursing route will change upon the late check in and is not possible to cover all important places.

Mosquitoes and flies (insects) in the backwaters is a natural partners to the human beings. The presence of mosquitoes, flies, small insects cannot be 100% eliminated as excessive usage of poison gases, sprays will be hazardous for the guests and the crew, but a permitted servicing and usage is done to reduce the presence of the flies and insects to the lowest.

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Timings for multiple Day/Nights
Day: 01

Start time: 12:00 Noon
Night hault time: 05:30 PM

Day: 02

Start time: After 10:00 AM
Check out: 05:00 PM (if not continuing for the 3rd day.)
Night hault time: 05:30 PM

Day: 03

Check out: 09:00 AM (if not continuing.)
Same as Day 02 (if continuing for 4th day)